Tuesday, April 15, 2014

166 Elizabeth St.

This past September my boyfriend (of 4 years!) and I moved in together into a *teeny* 1 bedroom apartment on Elizabeth St. in NYC. As many of you fellow New Yorkers know, finding an apartment in NYC is extremely stressful. The apartment inventory during the summer months is limited and apartments move very quickly. My boyfriend previewed another 1 bedroom apartment in our building and in less than 12 hours --it had been rented. Luckily another apartment opened up and after a (very) hectic move up 4 flights of stairs, a night of unpacking, a quick call to the "couch doctor" (a godsend), and a bottle of wine given to us by our local neighborhood wine shop...we were settled into our new place. 
My goal is to prove that good style isn't synonymous with space...and it is possible to have a cozy apartment in a tiny NYC apartment and on a recent grad budget.

Here are a few BEFORE photos. I'll post the AFTER shots soon! (I did mention it was cozy, right?)